Hen night suggestions – high rope course in UK

Rope course park is an amazing place to organize the hen party. Some UK rope course has got the special deals for stag and hen dos with some action and competition involved. Why it is so fun and entertaining?

Hen party in nature

Hen party is usually done in the city with limos and various dances, bars and other city-life stuff. Rope courses are extreme leisure where all the action is outdoors. Of course there are some indoor rope course clubs, where you can climb and do the zipline flights in a huge hangar. Hen party in nature is an original way to celebrate the last day of freedom.

Rope climbing – just the start of a hen nigh

Usually rope courses are taken in the middle of the day when all the ladies are sober and full of strenght. It is highly recommended not to climb if you are drunk or high, because this activity require some concentration. Rope climbing park could be just a start point for a hen party. Other activities should also be done in nature, but the evening and neighs should be in some rent cabin or house in the village with lots of drinks and pies and even male stripper.

Rope climbing park – some advice

The main advice is to dress up properly. Sexy clothes can be limited to shorts and t-shirts with a nice neckline. If you are going in colder weather, then long sleeve bodies and jeans are ok. Make sure there are no skirts as they will be problematic in 10 meters height.

Another important advice is no alcohol before the hen party venue in the trees, because you can be sick. If ladies are afraid of height, please do not force them to go. They will lose a good mood and the rest of the party may be screwed.

Think of some tasks for the bride-to-be as she must go first and try all the most extreme Aerial High ropes courses. The legend is simple – if bride-to-be conquers the course, nothing is scary to her in a future marriage, even a husband (he is a descendant of a monkey, by the way, according to Ch. Darwin).

Ladies should take a photo camera to the trees as pictures from the ground will not show the fear and excitement of the bride to be when she is climbing high into the tree. All you need to do is to grab a small photo camera and put it into the back pocket. This way you will have some amazing pictures and videos with lots of screams and shouts.

Aerial High ropes course is an extreme activity, so some safety instructions will be given. Please listen up to the instructors carefully as disobeying their instructions may lead to small bruises and bad party mood which is killing hen party.

Video (with kids, but suits adult ladies)


Hen party in a rainy day

UK is a country which is well know for its rainy weather. Sometimes it is just a dusty rain, but sometimes – pouring like a bucket. Hen party planners pray for a sunny weather on that day, but sometimes prayers are not enough. Imagine, you are attending a sexy nurses hen party outdoors, but from the early morning it seems that heaven and soil is mixing. Rainy day ruins all of your plans, so you should always have a plan B.

The plan B usually starts by calling all the participants and explaining how the wet weather can result the success of a party. If it is a rainy day, at least two additional outfits are needed – rainboots and ponchos. Of course they should fit in color and texture. If someone does not have it there still will be a plenty of time to buy them. Every supermarket have some cheap rainboots (10-30 pounds) and ponchos (2-10 pounds). Of course everyone have an umbrella. If the rainy party is going to be a stylish one, probable all the participants need to buy some colorful umbrellas.

Pity, but no one is going to see your special T-Shirts designed just for THIS hen party. Not a problem. Just get some permanent waterproof marker, put on your poncho and if it is transparent, you can copy the picture or at least some letters. Then you will have a special hen party poncho. Rainboots can be used in the same way as well – just write the name on one of them. Try writing only on left boot or right one, so you can pose for an amazing picture.

Bride-to-be should wear white poncho and light rainboots. You can take white sack from supermarket and cut one edge to unfold it. Take some little piece of rope or rubber and put it on the head. This turban will be bride’s waterproof veil and everyone will understand that she is the bride-to-be. The garter is not necessary in the bride’s costume as well as dares for all the ladies.

Dressed like this you will definitely attract some attention from the men inside. If you need to gather some kisses, just enter the supermarket and stay close to the entrance. Everyone will understand, that you came out of the rain. Of course, later you must end your outdoor party somewhere in the pub with a hot drink, later with some stronger drinks not to catch a flue or pneumonia.

Hen party suggestion – select music carefully

Recently I have participated in a party where music was little strange. After a few shots it became less strange and even I could dance. The hosts of the party seemed to be in heaven partying with this music, but they were alone so fond of such music. That’s a perfect situation from a real life to illustrate how important is to choose the right music for your hen party at home.

The main hen night suggestion is to find out the music taste in advance before the party. Chief maid could politely ask all participants what music is the best for a party with dancing and drinks. If one person say that she likes hard techno and hardcore and all the rest are crazy about 90’s or 80’s, most likely you will collect some classic dance music CDs rather than Hard DJ techno mixes.

It is important to know the age of participants. Usually 40 years old ladies would not be very happy to dance all night long listening to RnB music which is so popular among 18-25 years old ladies. They can listen to it and even have their favourites, but dancing for a couple of hours may be challenging. Usually then people try to drink more thinking that alcohol will change their mood and prejudices. This method is not always that successful, so party can be a disaster for some participants.

Hen party must be fun all the time. When you are i a bar, you cannot influence the music, but you can choose a bar. When chief maid will be asking about the music, she should know about bar’s music style and taste. It is better to go to the bar where music is more or less pop or 90’s style, because then it may fit to all participants’ taste. If ladies like pop music, please avoid rock music bars which have not only specific music, but also visitors are music lovers. Rock bar will definitely attract some bikers and elder people who still like energy of rock music. Techno bar will attract young club people with some illegal drugs. Please make sure you are not leading all the group to the place where they will have the only thought in their heads – run away as fast as you can.

The best option is to celebrate hen party at home. Just bring your laptop with thousand of different style mp3s and you will definitely find a perfect playlist from different types of music just during the party where everyone is a DJ.

Hen night suggestion – amusement park action

UK's TOP theme park Alton Towers once arranged Ultimo's bra testin in rollercoaster :) What a nice hen party idea!

One of the simplest hen night suggestions is a party in an amusement park. Usually theme parks offer hotels, so this can be an entire weekend fun starting early in Saturday and ending in late Sunday.

UK has go some really nice adventure theme parks, for instance Alton Towers, Legoland, Woodlands Family theme park and many others. If you reside in London, the trip to one of the theme parks may be exciting as well. Just grab the train and get some drinks.

Theme park hen party can be very fun and exciting because of the adrenaline all participants get. The entire life in marriage is full of adrenaline, so bride-to-be should get used to it. Anyway, before making a solution to go there you should ask if all participants can bear G-force and does not have heart problems. If there are such people among you, just tell them not to go to the extreme attractions. Usually family amusement parks has got lots of calm activities for kids, where adult can feel no discomfort – trains, car riding, ball trhowing, ponnies etc. Of course you can always ask sensitive people to take a photo camera and take pictures or look after the clothes and personal stuff. Of course later they must be rewarded with some extra attention.

Amusement parks sometimes have waterparks, so please be prepared for some water action and your newest bikini demonstrations. Hopefully all the hen party participants can swim.

Amusement park is good if you simply do not want to take care of special theme. All you need to do is dress up very casually with hen party t-shirts and have some fun. No additional novelties are needed, because they can simply fall down once you will hang up or down in 30 meters height steel monster.

The amusement park hen party can also be held abroad. You can get some cheap flights from low fares airlines to Spain (Port Aventura is one of the biggest amusement parks in Spain near Barcelona and Girona), France (Disneyland is not far away from Paris), Germany (Heide park is near Hamburg or Bremen), Denmark (Legoland is near Odense and Copenhagen) and others.

Every country has got a few amusement parks which may become the perfect place for your hen night.

Hen night idea – rent some wedding movies

Sometimes it happens when you simply cannot go outside from your cosy flat or you are just short in money. Hen night must be arranged anyway, so you desperately try doing something. There is a nice idea how to arrange your last night of freedom with minimum resources and organization efforts. All you need to do is get some drinks and rent some movies. Of course you will still need your lady friends to be invited in your or someone elses’ apartment.

Just make sure you have a huge TV with DVD player or USB Movie option, or connected to the computer. Everything else can be done impromptu.

Hen night is a time of fun, so please do not choose any serious movies which require lots of concentration and attention. Just stick to some romantic comedies about the wedding. For example:
Four Weddings and a Funeral
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Father of the Bride
The Wedding Singer
Bride Wars
The Proposal
The Wedding Date
Wedding Crashers
American Wedding (American Pie 3)
The Wedding Planner
Runaway Bride
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
License to Wed

and some other funny movies about the women and men who faces the nightmares of preparation to the wedding. Also you can look for some episodes from a worldwide know TV reality show “Bridezillas” just to see how unpleasant and ugly some brides-to-be can become before the wedding.

Rent at least 5 movies and you will have a very nice evening of nice and positive emotions. Of course, you can rent some newest award winning movies and also have some fun, but make it wedding-hen movie night. If you have an interactive TV service, you can rent them online.

If you want to see how boys are celebrating their stag parties, you should rent only 2 movies – Hangover and Hangover 2 :) Just to make sure that hen nights are really nice and aesthetic parties with no big freaking out.

Movie watching is unimaginable without some drinks and snacks, so you should take care of them in advance. Or you can buy some ingredients and ask coming ladies for help with the snacks and room decoration. This procedure will let you get closer to each of the participants and remove the tension.

Hen do suggestions – special message

The hen party is full of cheerful venues, but only one of them can be very exciting after some time. Imagine that you send a letter to unknown recipient with the wishes from all the party participants to the bride-to-be. Stranger should send this paper letter to the given address.

What’s so exciting about it? Imagine the letter comes back in a couple of months or even years. The bride may have forgotten all the participants and hen do itself, but the wishes from the stranger which were written by the participants can be very funny and interesting to read. This venue is usually done in weddings, but you can rehearse it before the “main” party.

How it is done?

In the first place, grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Ask all your participants to write some wishes or promises like it is done in wedding game. once the wishes are collected, please insert this letter to an envelope. Take a bigger envelope ant another sheet of paper, put the sealed letter with the return address to the envelope and write a short note to someone who will find it asking to send it to the written address. The envelope can be with some security material (air bubbles for example) to make sure the wishes will not be touched by rain or water.

There are at least a couple of ways to release the letter. One of them is a sealed bottle in the river which goes to the sea. If you are in London, UK, the Thames is the best option, just make sure you throw it away not in the middle of London as it can be found not far away. Please keep in mind that the bottle can be lost forever and no one will find the letter, so do not expect too much. Glass bottle is much more vulnerable than plastic one. Glass bottle should be carefully closed using wax or construction glue (liquid nails). Plastic bottle is a better option because it cannot be broken to the shore stones in the banks of the river or sea rocks.

Another option of sending the letter is the Chinese sky lantern. You can buy one and tie the letter to it. Then light the fire inside and release. It will fly away by the wind. If the wind is not very strong, the balloon will fall down in a couple of miles. If wind is stronger, the letter can be carried more miles. There is always a risk that the letter will fall down into the woods or fields. If it falls down in the water, the letter may vanish immediately.

Both of ways are quite interesting outdoor venues of a hen do.

Hen party date

One of the main problems organizing a hen party is date setting. More participants invited – harder to set a final date for a party.

Some suggestions about the dates. The hen party date should be acceptable to a majority participants. There will always be some girls who had plans for that date even before they were invited to a hen party. That’s normal, so you will need to live with idea that one of the best bride’s friends will not be attending. Life is hard, but plans are plans. People have some priorities in their lives, so you cannot be anxious about their decisions.

Ask about the date 2 months in advance. Do not leave for the last month, because you will definitely face the busy weekends, especially if the hen party must be held in spring or summer time. The best way to ask the date is to send an email to all the participants. If you will need these emails more than once you should create a closed Google Group which saves all the communication online. When you will add some new people to the group, they will be able to observe your communication.

Try to avoid the national or religious festivals, because some people may miss the hen party just because they have to participate in some national holiday events or are religious and cannot miss the Easter, Paskha or other religious festival. The traditions may seem funny for you, but please respect participants’ beliefs and traditions.

Friday night is the best time for your hen party, because you already finished the work and ready to have some drinks after hard week. If you have any other occasions to attend, most probably they will be organized for Saturday night. Do not drink too much if you have some serious events to attend in Saturdays afternoon.

If you see that majority of hen party participants cannot attend on Friday or Saturday, there is always a plan B. Organize the hen party in the middle of the week. Some participants may take a day off, but those who will not be able to will participate in the party anyway. Of course, party should start just after working hours and end before 1 a.m. so some participants will be able to get home and sleep at least 5-6 hours before the work. Those who have taken a holiday may continue the party to the early morning.

The date is very important for hen party venues. You can find cheaper bowling hours during the working day rather than weekend, so please pay attention which venues are available. London is the UK city which never sleep, but some bars are getting closed earlier on Wednesdays than Saturdays, so please keep that in mind.

Fantasy Hen night – elves or na’vi

Fantasy literature and movies have given some really impressive characters which can be used for a hen party. The personages should be positive, beautiful and look impressive in the crowd. What characters the ladies can choose for their last day of freedom?

Elves. Elf is a mystic character in Anglo-Saxon mythology. It is immortal and have some supernatural powers. The main treats of an elf is the ears and light skin and white clothes. The best image of elves can be met in the classic movie “Lord of the Rings” where elves are really impressive not because of their song-like language, but also because of white hair with little pigtails. If you choose this theme for your hen party, make sure you have long white garments with white long hair wigs. Hopefully you can find some adjustments to your ears in any Halloween novelties shop. The make up is quite simple. Just make your faces white with some bliss to make an impression that you are glowing in the sun (just like vampires in Twilight movie when they appear in the sun). Of course you will need to make a mystic atmosphere and venues, because you are immortal elf ladies.

Na’vi. The epic movie Avatar has earned billions, but have introduced its fantastic planet of Pandora with blue-skinned natives called Na’vi. Na’vi people are 3 meters tall, blue skin and have a special make up which emphasizes their forehead. Their hair is knitted to lots of tails. If you choose this theme for your hen party, it may be really impressive, but expensive as you will need some savage clothes and lots of make up. Buy some color for kid faces which are used during child birthday parties. Also use some bliss for your forehead decorations and some paper crowns. Be creative and you will attract lots of attentions. I doubt people saw so many na’vis in a street.

Both characters have a tight connection with Mother Earth and nature therefore venues should be related to that. Please find out some old druid traditions and you can come up with really original outdoor venues.

Both themes requires some careful preparation. It would be real waste if you could not show up in some crowded places dressed like this as the group of 10 elves or navis should look really impressive. Do not forget to arrange photo session before going out. That may be the most original photo session ever. If you could make some photos by the white wall, it will be easier to do some collages in the future (add background views of Middlands or Pandora jungle). Anyway, the hen party idea is really crazy and can be noticed by lots of people.

Hen parties suggestions

The hen party organization is quite a hard task and a big challenge. You simply do not know the participants, their capabilities of drinking and level of extremeness. The first hen party is like lottery with good numbers or bad ones.

The second, third and even 10th hen party is just a fun. Hen parties’ suggestions are easily gathered and discussed. You simply can tell which idea is difficult to fulfill and which one may be too costly. That is an experience of a real hen party planner. If you think you know everything, you can simply discontinue reading – there is no person which can help you as you can do everything yourself. If you still feel the thrill of every hen night start, you should pay attention to a couple important hen parties’ suggestions.

Hen parties’ suggestion No. 1. There is no such thing as party planning style. All the hen parties you organize or consult are different because different are the participants. Therefore please do not try to repeat the scenarios twice, even though you had an amazing party. Mix the venues from one party with others from another, but before that please make sure you really have a clue who and what your participants are. Nude male Model painting is good for law student hen party, but maybe it will not be so acceptable for elderly ladies from factory where bride-to-be wears this veil for the third time already. Be original with the scenario and the latest party will be a success.

Hen parties’ suggestion No. 2. Always take assistants. Every party will have different assistants who can help or not arranging all the stuff and communicating with the rest of participants. The assistant is important when you merely know the bride. Make sure assisting person is much closer and can tell what the bride really means. All the brides-to-be are stressed before the wedding, therefore the communication with them about some small details can be complicated and last quite long.

Hen parties’ suggestion No. 3. Be worried all the time. Little stress keeps the planner concentrated and awake. Once you will feel that everything is going to be perfect, you may face serious troubles. Sounds like the Murphy’s Law, but in majority of cases it was confirmed. Seeking perfectness is OK, even though party is condemned to fail.

Please remember that there will always be unhappy people with what you did. They won’t like your ideas, themes and everything you say with no reason. I have a saying “if you bend to one person, the other one behind will see your butt”. The participants of a hen night is a circle of people. You must bend to bride-to-be, so you may even show your back to few people which will not miss an opportunity to criticize or even defame you. Only participants can tell you that party was a total fail, even though bride-to-be will be happy or in contrary, you can get some harsh remarks from the bride. That’s not the end of the world and should not be the last of hen parties you organize.

And the last on of hen parties suggestions – be patient and everything will be fine :)

Hen Do suggestions for calm ladies

UK Hen party got its name from a noisy chuckling group of drunk ladies and their loud behaviour. Sometimes loud and noisy party is not acceptable because ladies want a calm and cosy venue instead of loud drinking party. There are many reasons why. Illness of one of the participants, angry neighbours, lack of money for a party, wide rage of participants ages, tiredness, pregnancy and many other reasons which are personal and should not be questioned and condemned by the invited participants which think only of a drunk hen do.

Hen party has derived from Victorian era tea party which was organised to the friends and relatives of the bride before wedding. It had nothing to do with drinks, sex and giggles, because it was considered unacceptable behaviour of a lady. These tea parties were calm chat and dance parties held indoors and outdoors depending on bride-to-be rank in Victorian society. Noble women had better conditions than middle class. Victorian hen dos were really nice calm and even cosy party for the closest friends.

Present times have changed the UK ladies’ habits 180 degrees, so calm hen party now is considered a little exotic and original. If your bride-to-be want a calm hen do, you should be very creative to arrange a memorable party.

One of calm hen do suggestions is to make a Victorian era photo session in some castle or palace renting some nice clothes of these years. The pictures later can be made sepia or black and white to make sure they look like antiquities. After the party you can look for old frame imitations and give a present to all the participants of a Victorian hen do.

Another interesting tranquil hen do suggestion is to have a yoga lesson. Yoga is calm itself, so there will not be any noise for a couple of hours. The yoga instructor can be invited at home if the bride-to-be cannot leave the facility. Yoga is always good for pregnant and disabled people. If yoga is not an option, try Chinese gymnastics – Tai Chi. They are also relaxing and good for health of all ages and body conditions.

Finally, one of the classic quiet hen do suggestions is of course SPA procedures. Just you need to agree to be quiet all the time and respect bride’s wish to have a peaceful party. Choose massage procedures or healthy mud instead of loud jacuzzi and public procedures where lots of different ladies gather in one facility.

There are some other hen do suggestions for a restful party, but they should be considered personally. Such party organization requires lots of effort convincing everyone that calp hen night can be also fun and memorable event.