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Hen Do suggestions for calm ladies

UK Hen party got its name from a noisy chuckling group of drunk ladies and their loud behaviour. Sometimes loud and noisy party is not acceptable because ladies want a calm and cosy venue instead of loud drinking party. There are many reasons why. Illness of one of the participants, angry neighbours, lack of money for a party, wide rage of participants ages, tiredness, pregnancy and many other reasons which are personal and should not be questioned and condemned by the invited participants which think only of a drunk hen do.

Hen party has derived from Victorian era tea party which was organised to the friends and relatives of the bride before wedding. It had nothing to do with drinks, sex and giggles, because it was considered unacceptable behaviour of a lady. These tea parties were calm chat and dance parties held indoors and outdoors depending on bride-to-be rank in Victorian society. Noble women had better conditions than middle class. Victorian hen dos were really nice calm and even cosy party for the closest friends.

Present times have changed the UK ladies’ habits 180 degrees, so calm hen party now is considered a little exotic and original. If your bride-to-be want a calm hen do, you should be very creative to arrange a memorable party.

One of calm hen do suggestions is to make a Victorian era photo session in some castle or palace renting some nice clothes of these years. The pictures later can be made sepia or black and white to make sure they look like antiquities. After the party you can look for old frame imitations and give a present to all the participants of a Victorian hen do.

Another interesting tranquil hen do suggestion is to have a yoga lesson. Yoga is calm itself, so there will not be any noise for a couple of hours. The yoga instructor can be invited at home if the bride-to-be cannot leave the facility. Yoga is always good for pregnant and disabled people. If yoga is not an option, try Chinese gymnastics – Tai Chi. They are also relaxing and good for health of all ages and body conditions.

Finally, one of the classic quiet hen do suggestions is of course SPA procedures. Just you need to agree to be quiet all the time and respect bride’s wish to have a peaceful party. Choose massage procedures or healthy mud instead of loud jacuzzi and public procedures where lots of different ladies gather in one facility.

There are some other hen do suggestions for a restful party, but they should be considered personally. Such party organization requires lots of effort convincing everyone that calp hen night can be also fun and memorable event.

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