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Hen do suggestions – special message

The hen party is full of cheerful venues, but only one of them can be very exciting after some time. Imagine that you send a letter to unknown recipient with the wishes from all the party participants to the bride-to-be. Stranger should send this paper letter to the given address.

What’s so exciting about it? Imagine the letter comes back in a couple of months or even years. The bride may have forgotten all the participants and hen do itself, but the wishes from the stranger which were written by the participants can be very funny and interesting to read. This venue is usually done in weddings, but you can rehearse it before the “main” party.

How it is done?

In the first place, grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Ask all your participants to write some wishes or promises like it is done in wedding game. once the wishes are collected, please insert this letter to an envelope. Take a bigger envelope ant another sheet of paper, put the sealed letter with the return address to the envelope and write a short note to someone who will find it asking to send it to the written address. The envelope can be with some security material (air bubbles for example) to make sure the wishes will not be touched by rain or water.

There are at least a couple of ways to release the letter. One of them is a sealed bottle in the river which goes to the sea. If you are in London, UK, the Thames is the best option, just make sure you throw it away not in the middle of London as it can be found not far away. Please keep in mind that the bottle can be lost forever and no one will find the letter, so do not expect too much. Glass bottle is much more vulnerable than plastic one. Glass bottle should be carefully closed using wax or construction glue (liquid nails). Plastic bottle is a better option because it cannot be broken to the shore stones in the banks of the river or sea rocks.

Another option of sending the letter is the Chinese sky lantern. You can buy one and tie the letter to it. Then light the fire inside and release. It will fly away by the wind. If the wind is not very strong, the balloon will fall down in a couple of miles. If wind is stronger, the letter can be carried more miles. There is always a risk that the letter will fall down into the woods or fields. If it falls down in the water, the letter may vanish immediately.

Both of ways are quite interesting outdoor venues of a hen do.

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