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Hen night suggestions – high rope course in UK

Rope course park is an amazing place to organize the hen party. Some UK rope course has got the special deals for stag and hen dos with some action and competition involved. Why it is so fun and entertaining?

Hen party in nature

Hen party is usually done in the city with limos and various dances, bars and other city-life stuff. Rope courses are extreme leisure where all the action is outdoors. Of course there are some indoor rope course clubs, where you can climb and do the zipline flights in a huge hangar. Hen party in nature is an original way to celebrate the last day of freedom.

Rope climbing – just the start of a hen nigh

Usually rope courses are taken in the middle of the day when all the ladies are sober and full of strenght. It is highly recommended not to climb if you are drunk or high, because this activity require some concentration. Rope climbing park could be just a start point for a hen party. Other activities should also be done in nature, but the evening and neighs should be in some rent cabin or house in the village with lots of drinks and pies and even male stripper.

Rope climbing park – some advice

The main advice is to dress up properly. Sexy clothes can be limited to shorts and t-shirts with a nice neckline. If you are going in colder weather, then long sleeve bodies and jeans are ok. Make sure there are no skirts as they will be problematic in 10 meters height.

Another important advice is no alcohol before the hen party venue in the trees, because you can be sick. If ladies are afraid of height, please do not force them to go. They will lose a good mood and the rest of the party may be screwed.

Think of some tasks for the bride-to-be as she must go first and try all the most extreme Aerial High ropes courses. The legend is simple – if bride-to-be conquers the course, nothing is scary to her in a future marriage, even a husband (he is a descendant of a monkey, by the way, according to Ch. Darwin).

Ladies should take a photo camera to the trees as pictures from the ground will not show the fear and excitement of the bride to be when she is climbing high into the tree. All you need to do is to grab a small photo camera and put it into the back pocket. This way you will have some amazing pictures and videos with lots of screams and shouts.

Aerial High ropes course is an extreme activity, so some safety instructions will be given. Please listen up to the instructors carefully as disobeying their instructions may lead to small bruises and bad party mood which is killing hen party.

Video (with kids, but suits adult ladies)


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